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WastAway® takes something the world doesn't want and makes it into something the world needs.

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WastAway has proven solutions for meeting recycling mandates, zero-landfill initiatives, and ever-evolving waste regulations.

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Clean Solid Fuels

WastAway provides consistent and economical solid fuel alternatives that meet renewable portfolio standards, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve existing power generation assets.

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WastAway reuses trash

WastAway in Warren County shows it’s possible to create products from trash within a warehouse instead of dumping outside at Middle Point Landfill in Rutherford County. “The average person in the the United States produces four pounds of garbage per day,” said Terry Moore, a WastAway chief business development officer who noted that at least 90 percent of …

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A Solid Approach to MSW Fuel

The concept of solidifying preprocessed municipal solid waste into fuel pellets or briquettes is not new, but the market has been slow to mature.  Fuel Familiarity  WastAway began processing MSW in 2003, at its commercial facility in Warren County, Tennessee, using a patented process to create a product called Fluff. According to Terry Moore, chief …

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La-Z-Boy Plant No Longer Sending Waste to Landfills

DAYTON, TN — Today, La-Z-Boy’s manufacturing facility in Dayton, Tennessee, marks a significant environmental landmark: it no longer sends any waste to a landfill. La-Z-Boy’s manufacturing plant in Dayton, Tennessee, is one of the largest furniture manufacturing facilities in the state of Tennessee, and possibly the nation. So when the corporate headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, …

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