Zero Landfill

Sustainability. Recycling. Zero Landfill Growth.

How do we deal with municipal solid waste? More importantly, how do we do it in a sustainable way to achieve zero landfill growth? The WastAway® processing system offers technology that presents all of these options in a flexible format that adapts to your community or business’s unique needs.

Does your community or business have a recycling program? WastAway®’s patented process can improve participation rates and dramatically increase the volume of material recycled. Are you interested in beginning a recycling program? WastAway® offers a solution that guarantees 100% participation in a fully-integrated, single-stream waste processing system. The WastAway® processing equipment and technology is adaptable to your unique needs – from curbside collections to corporate office and cafeteria waste – to provide a fully automated system that converts waste into a usable end product in less than 20 minutes.

That’s the magic. The patented technology is pure science, proven in applications that have been solving waste problems for over a decade. The magic is the way the WastAway® system converts something no one wants – municipal solid waste – into a safe, usable product, which we call “Fluff®.” The WastAway® machinery removes ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, dirt and sand from the waste stream, and then converts the remainder into a predictable, homogeneous, pathogen-free, odor-free, carbon-rich material – Fluff® – which can then be used in a variety of ways.

In its pure form, Fluff® can be used either as topsoil or a soil additive; or converted into WastAway pellets. Fluff® becomes a BTU-rich fuel that powers the boilers and kilns of power companies, cement companies, pulp mills and other solid fuel users while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% over traditional fuel sources.


Even better, WastAway® is financially viable. The conversion of something no one wants – municipal solid waste – into something sustainable and useful includes revenue sources such as tipping fees, metals recycling, carbon credits, renewable energy credits and the sale of WastAway® pellets as a sustainable alternate fuel.

The WastAway® technology is adaptable to your unique needs. Are you looking for a solution to an overflowing landfill or a never-ending stream of municipal solid waste? Click here to contact us and get a conversation started about your needs.  Better yet, sign up for a tour of our facility and see the latest in modern, efficient waste solutions in action.