Who We Are & What We Do

WastAway® takes something the world doesn’t want
and makes it into something the world needs

Human beings generate garbage. Tons of it, every day.

For years, we’ve dealt with municipal solid waste – garbage – by carting it away to a landfill. But landfills, it has been proven, are not a satisfactory solution. They fill up. They require lots of space. They leach contaminants into the water or into the soil. They release dangerous methane into the atmosphere which is 21 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. And what’s left just sits there, some of it for centuries.

WastAway is a technology company that looks at municipal solid waste a little differently. We’ve created solutions that take that waste and convert it into a safe, inert, sterile form that can actually be used as a supplemental fuel in the production of electricity, or be used as feed stock in the production of biofuels, or even be used as potting soil. WastAway takes something the world doesn’t want – municipal solid waste – and converts it into something the world can use.

WastAway’s patented process has been used successfully for over ten years to help communities and municipalities solve their solid municipal waste needs. At the heart of the system is the WastAway equipment that processes your waste, sterilizes it, removes any remaining recyclable materials, and converts it into an end product that has multiple uses. The system works, and has been in commercial use for more than a decade.

Every community has a unique set of needs, and WastAway works with the community to develop the appropriate solutions. If you already have a recycling program, WastAway will improve both participation rates and the amount of material recovered. If your community does not have a recycling program, the WastAway system will create one. Either way, the system will process your municipal solid waste and keep it from being taken to a landfill somewhere, where it sits. Our goal is to help you achieve Zero Landfill Growth.

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150 ton per day plant commissioned in July 2009.

150 ton per day plant commissioned in July 2009.