WastAway® Engineer Publishes Paper, Earns Board Nomination

Earlier this year, Robert Post, VP of Engineering at WastAway, presented a paper at the International Fluid Power Expo in Las Vegas, NV. The paper was presented on behalf of the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) who sponsored his trip.

The paper, titled Mobile Equipment Reservoir Baffle Innovation, describes a versatile and cost effective solution to fluid control inside a hydraulic reservoir using graphical comparisons. Uncontrolled fluid motion, sometimes called “sloshing”, can entrain air, suspend contaminates, cause spills and damage breathers. Uncontrolled fluid motion has resulted in complete hydraulic system failures in pick-up truck mounted snow plows and forklifts. Post said “This simple solution controls the fluid, preventing equipment damage but provides other benefits too.”

Following the paper presentation, Mr. Post was nominated for a position on the Board of Directors at the IFPS. The three year term supports efforts in IFPS for education and certification in hydraulic and pneumatic fields. “Hydraulics and pneumatics are missing from most engineering curriculums but provide the muscle in almost every machine that moves” said Post. “Advances in electronics, and their interaction with fluid power systems, improve safety and efficiency” Post added. “IFPS provides the training necessary for companies and individuals to use that resource wisely.” Post concluded.

Mr. Post will present this innovative solution again in December via web seminar through the IFPS. Reference videos are cited in the paper but the web seminar will also include videos taken during development and data collection. “The problem is dynamic so the solution and the test results must be dynamic too.” said Post.

Mr. Post joined the WastAway team in June of last year and has been leading development and optimization of the WastAway solid fuel technologies.