WastAway® Earns International Honor

WastAway’s mission of turning trash into treasure has just struck gold. The McMinnville-based company with the vision of forever changing the way garbage is handled received a prestigious R&D 100 Award.


U.S Patents Granted to WastAway® System

Bouldin Corporation® was recently notified that the US Patent Office granted the company two additional U.S. Patents relating to its WastAway® System.

One patent solidifies the WastAway® System as a competitive advantage over its competition in that it allows the System to operate as a continuous flow process. The second patent relates to a fermentation product which can be useful as a liquid fuel.

The WastAway® System is the best method for transforming municipal solid waste into useful products, soil amendments, and alternative, renewable fuels. Its continuous-flow aspect permits solid waste to be loaded into one end of the System and, twenty to twenty-five minutes later, it emerges from the other end of the System as an environmentally-friendly, non-odiferous, useful feedstock.


U.S Patents Granted to WastAway® System

WastAway Servces, LLC, a division of Bouldin Corporation, Inc., has been awarded two more patents by the United States Patent Office, both of which are central to the WastAway process.

The first was for the Bioreactor Vessel and Shaft Assembly and the second was for the Containment System for Continuous Flow Hydrolizers. Both patented items allow the WastAway System to convert municipal solid waste into an environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous product.

The WastAway system reduces trash volumes to one-eighth their original size, through the application of these patented devices, and produces a byproduct called Fluff®, which can be pellitized for conversion into steam and energy, synthetic fuels, or can be used as a growing medium. The Island of Aruba is currently installing the WastAway system to handle the municipal waste for the island, where a land shortage makes additional landfills unfeasible