Clean Solid Fuels

The war on coal and other greenhouse-gas producing fuels has intensified over the past decade. Emissions thresholds and prohibitions against construction of new coal-fired power plants have expedited the search for alternative energy sources that are renewable and sustainable.

WastAway® believes the solution is at hand, by taking something the world does not want – municipal solid waste, which we have in abundance – and converting it into something that can be used – WastAway pellets, the clean solid fuel of the future.


Using the patented and proven WastAway technology, municipal solid waste can be converted into WastAway pellets in about twenty minutes. These pellets are a BTU-equivalent coal substitute that can be co-fired with other solid fuels, reducing cost and greenhouse gases. Best of all, WastAway pellets are a process-engineered fuel, which are higher quality than more common refuse-derived fuels, and even exceed Europe’s detailed CEN/TC 343 standards for solid recovered fuels.*

Power companies, cement and paper manufactures and others are turning to WastAway pellets as their fuel of choice in part because:

  • WastAway pellets are competitively priced based on their per BTU (unit) value
  • WastAway pellets handle like coal and can be cost-effectively shipped and stored for extended periods of time (unlike refuse-derived fuels which deteriorate over time)
  • WastAway pellets reduce ash, eliminate pathogens, and contain no germs or odors (unlike refuse-derived and solid recovered fuels)
  • WastAway pellets reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 70% over coal or pet coke
  • WastAway pellets can be co-fired with other solid fuels with no negative effects on existing boilers or kilns
  • WastAway pellets require minimal capital investment to incorporate into current production processes
  • WastAway pellets are eligible for carbon credits and/or renewable energy credits in many areas

Are you interested in a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a reliable and renewable source of fuel for energy production? Click here to begin a conversation with WastAway about your unique needs.

1 Refer to “Fuel Quality Chart” by clicking here.
2 Refer to  CEN/TC 343 published standards at
*  For information about independent studies conducted on WastAway pellets, click here.