Our History

In 1959, Sonny Bouldin and Avery Lawson combined their expertise to begin manufacturing equipment for the nursery and horticultural industries. Headquartered in Morrison, Tennessee, a small town with an economy that relies heavily on the nursery business, Bouldin and Lawson® were able to build their equipment based on the needs of the nurserymen around them who wanted automation to help increase their productivity.

In 1984, Sonny’s son Floyd purchased the company, and by the mid 1990s had positioned Bouldin & Lawson as a leading producer of nursery equipment. The company also expanded into new markets, including equipment sold to the U.S. Government to use in recycling military ordinance and other difficult-to-handle materials. Floyd Bouldin and his team of engineers worked to produce the first super grinder, called “The Tank,” which was capable of grinding up a 3-bedroom framed house (including the block foundation and plumbing fixtures) in less than four hours.

With the support and encouragement of the U.S. Military, Bouldin & Lawson concentrated its research and development on integrating this super grinder into a garbage recycling system that was ultimately tested by the Army Corps of Engineers at the U.S. Army Base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Several tons of garbage were effectively converted into Fluff® – and WastAway® was born.

Since 2002, when WastAway was created as a subsidiary of Bouldin Corporation, the technology has been developed, refined and perfected. Battelle became interested in the technology and contributed to its growth. There have been hundreds of studies conducted on everything from the inert nature of Fluff to its ability to act as a coal substitute in a coal-powered generating plant. WastAway systems have been installed and successfully operated, and the research and development continues to improve the process.

If you’d like to learn more about the tests and history of this innovative technology company, please click here for a follow-up from a WastAway representative. Better yet, come to Morrison, Tennessee, and see the system in operation. WastAway takes something the world doesn’t want – municipal solid waste, or household garbage – and turns it into something the world needs. Let us show you!